Hello ^^ This is a random blog I made, mainly because I like to write.
I write short smut scenarios, all optional bias.
Also, I will take suggestions depending on what it may be.

Open for requests :)

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Super Junior PicFics




Still Upset.

This was a requested one, something like you were mad and he tried to fix it, but you were still mad in the end.

Your back faced him as he pulled at your hips. You stepped away from him, but he only pulled you back harder. With a firm grip on your body he brushed your hair away and started to kiss the top of your shoulder and neck. You rolled you eyes, annoyed. Once again you threw his hands off you and started to walk down the hallway toward to living room. He then grabbed your wrist and spun you toward him so you were pushed up against his chest. He forced his lips onto yours, his tongue in your mouth. Why did he always taste to good? It was hard for you to stay mad. His hands running all down into your shirt, feeling the bare skin on your back, he unhooked your bra.

He pushed your body down onto the floor, his weight holding you close so you couldn’t push him away. Although you attempted using your hands it was no use, he interlocked his fingers with yours, holding your arms against the cold floor. He started marking your neck when he whispered, “C’mon baby, you can’t stay mad at me forever, don’t try to resist me.” He smirked. “Fuck you,” you cursed, the smirked never left his lips. “I wish you would,” he replied. You tried to hide how turned on you were by his rougher side.

Finally he slid off your pants and you panties along with them. One of his hands playing with your nipple. Just then he trailed his hand down to your aching core, rubbing your clit and wet folds. You gasped slightly as the sudden feel of pleasure. “You love it when I touch you here, don’t you?” You only shot him a weak glare.

He pulled of the remainder of your clothes off, and his. He positioned himself between your legs. At first he started to stimulate your sensitive clit with his hard tip, making you moan. Pulsations traveling up and down your body. Thats when you felt him enter you, he was harder than ever. You could feel him stretch you, you loved it. You arched your back against the floor, your bones aching. “I think I can make you forgive me,” he breathed against your skin. His were hands gently massaging your breasts as he pumped hard against your walls. “Just shut up and fuck me,” you snapped. He didn’t protest. He only started slamming into harder. Suddenly he flipped you over so you were on your hands and knees.

He hovered over your body, teasing you as he rubbed his tip between your folds. Finally he pushed into once more, picking the rapid pace. The sounds of the skin on skin contact and moans was all you could hear. You were coming close as he grabbed your hips and pushed himself deeper. “Fuck,” he said in between his shallow breathes.

Soon your vision went white as you squeezed your eyes shut, clawing into the floor to express your pleasure. Just then he pulled out and released on your lower back. You could feel the hot liquid on your skin. You collapsed on your side, while he was on his back. Both of you panting. Then he reached over and pushed his fingers inside of you for a brief moment, causing you to whimper. He licked his fingers, “You always taste so good,” he mused. You wanted to show him that you were still mad, that he couldn’t fix things with sex. You swallowed hard then reached over and smeared his cum off your back, got up and made your way to the shower. He looked at you confused as you started to walk into the bathroom. You poked your head out of the room to face him, “I’m still mad,” you stated. After you shut the door you heard him sigh in frustration.

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