Hello ^^ This is a random blog I made, mainly because I like to write.
I write short smut scenarios, all optional bias.
Also, I will take suggestions depending on what it may be.

Open for requests :)

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Smile for the Camera #2

You buried you face into the pillows, laying on your stomach. “Ah, not again, don’t film me!” He smirked, “Why? I need a more updated video, plus, I’ve been home for a few hours… and I haven’t even filled you yet.” You could feel yourself get hot by his words. He crawled up onto the bed, running his free hand up your leg eventually lifting your dress revealing your panties. He grabbed a handful of your backside. “Mmm,” he purred. You turned around as he positioned himself between your legs. He panned the camera over your clothed body, then flipped up your hem and filmed himself pulling at your panties.

You started to take off your dress, showing that you weren’t wearing a bra. “You love being taped don’t you? Deny it all you want, you know you love getting slutty for me.” You couldn’t help but mentally agree with him. He sat up on his knees as you started to undo his pants. You pulled them down slightly, pumping his full, rock hard length. He held the camera up taping your every action.

You licked around his tip and gently sucked on it. He dipped his head back and moaned slightly, shakily holding the camera. You could taste his pre-cum on the tip of your tongue. You started to suck up and down his length, your hand holding the base. You looked up at him, and your eyes met. “Fuck you’re sexy,” he said through gritted teeth.

Suddenly he pushed you down, “I want you… so bad.” He hovered the camera over your body pulling off your panties and throwing them across the room. You used all your force to push him down so you were on top. He smirked at you through the lens of the camera. Slowly you positioned yourself onto him. First rubbing his tip against your wetness, then finally pushing him in. You lowered yourself down slowly, making sure you fit all of him. He groaned in pleasure.

You started to slightly grind against him, making him crave more. He closely taped where two of your bodies were connected. The slightly touched your clit with his free hand, showing how wet you were. He panned up to your body, you then grabbed your breast and bit your lip, trying to act sexy for the camera. You decided to take the camera and then film his expressions. You leaned down and gave him a keep kiss, angling the camera so it was filmed.

Then he grabbed the camera and set it up beside the bed, still under you. He flipped you over and pushed you into the bed. He spread your legs and shoved himself back into you. Repeatedly pounding into you. He brought your bodies close, sucking and slightly biting at your lips. “You’re so beautiful,” so moaned into your ear. You could feel yourself coming closer and closer. You pulled him close desperately, moaning his name over and over under your breath. After a few hard thrusts your orgasm crashed through your body, and you dug your nails into his back. His breath got caught as he felt you tighten around him, he kept up the pace, letting you ride out your orgasm. “Cum in me,” you begged. He didn’t hold back, then you felt him release inside of you. He grabbed onto your rib cage as he came.

After he caught his breath, he grabbed the camera and filmed your tired body. Then he started to record between your legs as he slowly pulled out of you. He put his finger inside of your slightly then placed it at your lips, allowing you to taste him. Then he trailed his hand down your body, admiring it. He let out a tired sigh, “Perfect.”

sorry for any mistakes~


..what? i left? haha yes i did, i went on a little vaycay and there was no internet
so my extreme apologies there ;~;
it was nice having a little break from my computer, but now im back^^
im just currently working on another behind the camera story, since a lot of you requested it~
so yeah, will probably post tonight or tomorrow at the latest~ 

Also, I just wanted to take this opportunity to say that I really really appreciate you guys. Although I’m just a small blog, you guys always take time to read my stuff and leave me nice messages (tell my anything in the ask box, haha i wont bite~) I’m just really thankful for all of you and also thankful for your patience with me~^^
i love you guys!

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Anonymous: If you domt mind me asking what are you going to school for?

of course i dont mind, i’m going to school to become a cosmetologist :)
sorry for replying late~ 

Anonymous: I love your scenarios! ;p the practice room made me all hot haha ;p Im not sure if someone had already asked you but who is your fave group

my favorite group? uh… SUPER JUNIOR~^^
i also really love SHINee and SNSD (I’m kinda SM biased haha)
also love 2NE1, Big Bang, sistar, ugh i cant even, i really love a lot of groups^^ (because i love so many groups,i find the need to buy all of their albums… thats why i’m poor ;~;  LOL)


supastareden: my tumblr love returns!!! xoxo missed you!!!

hi!^^~ missed you!<3

Practice Room.

He was late, probably practicing. As usual. You decided to make your way to his company building. When you saw him he made eye contact with you instantly, smiling and pulling you into a hug. 

As you were waiting for him to practice, you were fixing your appearance in the mirror.

Suddenly you felt his body pressed against yours, his chest on your back. His hands began roaming your sides as he brushed your hair away from your neck. You could feel him leaving little kisses, sucking at your skin occasionally. You turned your neck to kiss his lips. His tongue tasting yours. You could feel his hands trail down your body, stopping between yours legs. He started applying light pressure, making you even more turned on.

You pulled away as you were coming back to your senses. “Wait, we can’t really do this here,” you told him. “Why not?” he said nuzzling into your neck, “Don’t you want me to make you feel good?” He breathed in your ear. He turned you around so you were faced against the practice mirror. He pulled down your pants so they were mid-thigh, your underwear soon followed. He trailed his hands down your lower back, squeezing your behind in the process. 

You felt his hands inch between the back of your thighs until he forcefully pushed his finger inside of you. You yelped as the sudden feeling and leaned back into him. He started moving his fingers sparingly, you could see his smirk from the reflection in the mirror. “Where’s that kinky girl who made a sex tape with me? Who I fucked on the kitchen table… and in the shower?… And who I’m going to make love to in my practice room…?” You grabbed the back of his neck and forced his kiss. You pushed him to the ground and climbed on top of him. He smirked, “Oh, there she is.” You rolled your eyes and forced your tongue into his mouth. You could feel his hardness and you began to grind your hips against it. “Don’t tease me,” he moaned. And with that you pulled down his pants down and reached into his underwear.

He closed his eyes tight as you stroked him. You moved your body down and gently sucked his tip. That was until he grabbed the back of your head and forced you further. Annoying you obliged to his wants and began to suck him. His breathing became heavy.  Then he pulled himself up and pushed you down on the floor, pulling the rest of your pants off. Without warning he pushed himself into you.  You brought him into more of a hug to push him deeper. “How is it that I’ve fucked you senseless many times before and you’re still so tight?” he breathed as he proceeded to suck on your jawline. 

He was grinding into you creating pressure on your clit. Both of your moans were all that could be heard in that room. After a few thrusts he found your sweet spot, and he kept hitting it. Hard. “C-cum in me,” you managed to choke out. Suddenly you felt your body grow hot as you reached your orgasm, you dug your nails into his back from the intense pleasure he was giving you. You were letting out short moans as you came. He groaning as he came close, “Oh god,” he said as he finally released. You could feel the wetness between your legs. He pulled out and collapsed beside you, leaving a trail of his cum along your thigh. You kissed his cheek and wiped the beat of sweat on his temple. “I don’t think this is what your company meant when they said ‘practice.’”


Kinda of proud of this one, although it isn’t that great~

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Anonymous: Will you update soon?

most likely :)

but… please understand this blog is only for leisure. like a side thing. it may be selfish for me not to make this blog a HUGE thing for me, but i do think about it a lot, so please know its always on my mind^^ sometimes i’ll update, sometimes i wont, i’ll update when i update, im sorry~<3

Anonymous: Hwaiting!! I love your writing their short and sweet i would love it though jf there a little bit longer.

sorry~ i’ve been really lazy on making them long hahah

Anonymous: How are you?!! I love ur latest updates:).

i’m good! a little overwhelmed with school but doing okay, wow thank you for asking, most importantly thank you for reading^^!

I hope you doing fine as well~~